FIRST and FOREMOST: TRUE Capacity Evaluation is NOT like other Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE). At TRUE Capacity we remove the guess work from Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). The peer-reviewed, research-based sincerity of effort protocols identify claimants’ whose performances are credible and an accurate description of their current functional capability. These protocols also ensure the credibility of the FCE process by definitively exposing those who do not provide valid and reliable effort and would use this subject-limited effort to inflate impairment and secure undeserved benefits.

True Capacity Evaluation Vs. Traditional FCE


  • Sincerity of Effort 99.5% Accurate
  • Based on Recently Published Research
  • Legally and Scientifically Defensible Protocols
  • Cross-Validated Upper Extremity and Lifting Strength
  • Results Based Objective Measurements
  • Simple, EASY TO READ “Table-Format” Reports
  • Summary of All Important Data

Other FCEs

  • Sincerity of Effort, if any, 70% Accurate
  • Obsolete Tradition-Based
  • Legally Vulnerable Protocols
  • Invalid Isometric Strength Tests or Visually-Estimated Lifting
  • Results Limited by Subjective Complaints
  • Difficult to Read Narrative Reports
  • Hard to Find Useful Data


TRUE Capacity is also “Provider-Friendly” You will find TRUE Capacity Evaluation providers very willing to schedule your patient and provide prompt reports.  TRUE Capacity Evaluations are easy to perform and even easier to report.

TRUE Capacity is also “Payer-Friendly” TRUE Capacity Evaluations, although comprehensive, legally-valid and very useful, are very reasonable. Research indicates that the majority of FCEs in CA are not pre-authorized, billed at thousands of dollars and are ultimately settled in expensive lien proceedings.

TRUE Capacity requires prior-authorization, as required by code, either by contract or case-by-case.  TRUE Capacity will bill and expect payment per contract at the agreed fee.

For further information or to request a TRUE Capacity Evaluation, please use the “Quick Form” to the right on this page, or our “Referral Form” page.  Or simply call 800.515.4552.