Quality Assurance

You might have noticed we have a fairly large network of folks and locations where our FCE can be performed. You might be concerned about uniformity, safety, consistency in administration, procedures and reporting.

It wouldn’t be right to make any guarantees…but we have worked hard to design an administrational system and FCE-delivery protocol that will maximize our chances of properly handling the claimant and their functional data.

All administration is handled in a single location in Riverside, CA. Each evaluator is trained and approved to perform our TrueCapacity Evaluation (TCE). All reports are developed in concert with the evaluator and Terry Lawson, PT to ensure compliance to protocol and quality reporting.

You’ll get the same folks handling your scheduling needs every time. You’ll get same FCE testing procedure, report format and quality every time.

You also get the assurance that we are currently up-to-date in our protocols. We’re leading the way in our area, and we’ll stay current with any peer-reviewed, research-based improvement or development in the FCE world.

If you have any concerns or comments regarding our policies or procedures please don’t hesitate to contact us. (add contact button)